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TELESPRINT provides warranty and post warranty services, such as service and storage facilities at its headquarters in Sofia. Support service provides preventive maintenance to improve the effective operation of installed machines and systems that help to reduce emergency situations to a minimum. Due to the need for uninterrupted workflow much of the installed equipment, the company provides service to emergency calls for immediate reaction twenty-four hours a day.

In company TELESPRINT-90 Ltd. employs highly qualified specialists. The technical staff is higher engineering and technical education has undergone additional training in the company and the manufacturers of the equipment offered.

Consulting office

If any problem you need a quick telephone assistance or you need assistance on request and supply of spare parts available are our experts from the consulting office. They organize, if necessary, service team, which soon may be in you and will help you in carrying out repairs. The consulting office is open from Monday to Friday. Outside normal working hours and on weekends you can contact the hotline.


Time for responce

The service is able to respond to any requests for warranty or guarantee service within 1-2 working days. In certain cases and under previously agreed conditions (eg. Subscriptions), this period may be reduced to 2 hours in cities where we have service centers, and up to 6 hours of other places.


Place for repairs

For greater convenience to our customers large and heavy equipment repair site. Problems with other types of equipment are removed in the service center of TELESPRINT-90 LTD.


Time to perform repairs

The service works with normal working hours. In response to cases where urgent troubleshooting, or should not interrupt the operation (eg. Banks or other institutions), it takes commitment to work overtime and on weekends.


Warranty and out of warranty service

The service provide warranty and izvangarantsionnoobsluzhvane of equipment purchased by TELESPRINT-90 Ltd., and warranty service on equipment similar to that which we offer, regardless of whether this technique was purchased by us, by our partners, or through other channels.



This is a convenient form of maintenance in the long term with previously agreed higher requirements (response time, maintenance, overtime, etc.). When it is paid a monthly or quarterly subscription fee, independent of labor input. If the equipment is out of warranty, spare parts are paid separately. In addition to equipment supplied by us, we take such engagements and equipment from other vendors.